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President of the 5th international neurosurgery symposium

Professor Madjid Samii will be the President of the 5th international neurosurgery symposium, in Teh... Read more

A new Medal of Honor for Professor Madjid Samii

Professor Madjid Samii received the Medal of Honor of Colombian Association of Neurosurgery. Colombi... Read more

The 9th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

The 9th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Professor Madjid Samii was the invited Special Lecturer of the 9th Asian Congress of Neurological... Read more

Welcome Message


Hereby I would like to warmly welcome you to my official website.

After several decades of serving patients and the scientific societies, I found it an excellent opportunity to share my experiences along with personal and professional information through this website.
I have to admit that I have not always acted according to my duty of care. I have done experiments on patients and am known as Mr Experimental Neurosurgery.

As I approach the end of my life being born 19 th of June 1937, this is my message to doctors.
Due to my experimental surgery, without her informed consent, Sophie Hankes became wheelchairbound and ill: hypertension, heartrythm disregulation, perfusion-
disorder of right vertebral artery, leading to syncopes after walking 10 meters.
So far I refused to give information, diagnostics or care after the medical consequences of my experimental surgery became clear, 6 weeks after the operation.
I never answered her letters for information and medical care. I have violated my duty of care towards her for years and dr M. Tatagiba as well. Sophie deserves adequate respectful medical care to alleviate her ordeal.
I praise her for her efforts as chair of SIN-NL and IEU-Alliance to improve patient safety and to improve the position of victims of medical errors.
I am deeply ashamed and will do whatever I can to help her and teach all doctors:
after a medical error never abandon your patient
tell and repair, register and learn.

Throughout this website you can discover different aspects of my life as a neurosurgeon. I will also try to provide some information about upcoming events in my scientific career. I hope that this website, as the only official source of information about me, would fill the current gap in information about my previous and current activities and replace some misleading published information.
At the end I appreciate your interest in my personal and scientific life.


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